Good times, bad times – the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s entry to the recording studio

The Mad Dogs, The Mad Boys, The Whoopie Cushions – when we hear these names, what first comes to mind are the boysbands popular in the 90’s. However, these are the names that were considered for Led Zeppelin. The name was to be both threatening and gentle. We celebrated the anniversary of the first performance of the “Zeppelin” two days ago. The concert took place at the University of Surrey in Guildford. Two days later, they entered the recording studio and recorded “Led Zeppelin” in over 30 hours.

A dispute over the name with … descendants of Ferdinand von Zeppelin

Let’s go back in time to 1900, when Ferdinand von Zeppelin built his first airship. The machine was named after the creator. But what do the British musicians have to do with it? Perhaps the relationship between Ferdinand von Zeppelin and the legendary band is due to The Who, drummer Keith Moon. After the first hearing of the group, Moon associated their music with the airship. And that’s how Led Zeppelin came into being. However, the heirs of the creator of the huge flying machine had a grudge against the band that they used a similar name of the airship without their consent. The case went to the court. As you may guess, the lawsuit was rejected.

“Zeppelin” in its entirety

Led Zeppelin consisted of four members. The charismatic vocalist with a unique voice color is Robert Plant born on August 20, 1948. When I listen to “Zeppelin” I always say that the second vocalist will not be there anymore. However, the band was not unique just because of the vocal frontman’s vocals.

On the stage, we could also see often called the best guitarist in history, Jimmy Page. Page was one of those guitarists who revolutionized rock music. John Bonham sat at the drum set, who stood out when earlier playing in Band of Joy. In this group he performed with Plant. Unfortunately in 1980 he died and that was the end of Led Zeppelin. You can not forget about bassist John Paul Jones. He performed in the band as a bassist and keyboardist. You also have to appreciate that he is a multi-instrumentalist.

Okładka debiutanckiego albumu "Led Zeppelin", 1969 rok
Cover of the debut album “Led Zeppelin”, 1969

Just “Led Zeppelin”

The producer of the publishing house was Jimmy Page. The name of the plate was not very picky. The band decided to name their debut album “Led Zeppelin”. The whole consisted of 9 tracks. In the first place on the tracklist – “Good Times Bad Times”. The music on “Led Zeppelin” is strongly inspired by country music. Strong blues influences are what Led Zeppelin has forever put in our musical hearts. Interesting riffs, unusual vocal and this cover, which everyone was interested about and a little worried about. Already after this debut album, they showed that they want to lead in rock. Plant’s singing was always singing, not a hoot or a crack. Percussive exploits by John Bonham showed that they were not just an addition to Page and Plant.

January 12, 1969

In January 1969, the best debut in history was released. Although the majority of critics did not like it, it still had eight platinum in the US. Already in 1968, the group was noticed and signed a contract with the Atlantic Records label. The contract spoke on a huge amount for those times – 200,000 pounds. Speaking of the business of Led Zeppelin, it is necessary to mention Peter Grant, who was like a father for “Zeppelin”. Grant was born on April 5, 1935 in London. He dealt with many things. He was a wrestler, actor and above all, a manager. His cooperation at the end of The Yardbirds was irreplaceable. Later, throughout the existence of Led Zeppelin, he collaborated with them as a manager. Grant was not just the boss. He was a legitimate member of this legendary band. He connected and directed them. It was he who polished the talent that hid in these four British artists. He died on November 1995.

Led Zeppelin in the ballrooms

Led Zeppelin was very popular among all “flower children. The band quickly became an icon. It’s difficult to count all the guitarists who were inspired by Jimmy Page. Behind Robert Plant in unbuttoned vest always revelling fans. It is to admit – fame did not destroy Robert, Jimmy and the two Johns. Their next albums were also on the heavenly “Zeppelin” level. The final end of the band took place on September 25th, 1980, when John Paul Jones and Benji LeFevre (concert promoter) found John Bonham dead.

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