The truth – Down to the Heaven review “[level – 1]”

The debut album of Down to the Heaven entitled “[Level – 1]” was released in March 2018. Before I move on to the review, the duty requires at this point to write a few words about the band.

The group was founded in Bielsko-Biała in December 2013. and has had performances at numerous concerts, reviews and festivals. It shared the stage with bands like Materia, Fractal Universe, Drown My Day and Moanaa. Gentlemen from Down to the Heaven write about themselves that it is “a band playing modern metal combined with genres such as Djent / Metalcore / Electro. (…) The band’s style is characterized by complex arrangements with heavy guitar playing, combined with a large dose of melody, modern electronic music as well as screaming and rap vocal.”

The debut of Down to the Heaven intrigues from the very beginning.

I will not hide that I like CDs with an idea. I like bands who want to tell a story with their music. And the story begins: “… in 2016. Six men were abducted in Silesia. So far, it has not been determined who or what kidnapped them, there are also unknown motives of kidnapping, or place of detention of hostages … Explanatory activities are under way … “. In this way, the group invites you to reach for “[level – 1]”. The record begins with a grim “Down To The…”.

It is disturbing and atmospheric, you can hear someone’s steps … You want to know the history of the abductees, you want to listen further. And then it gets only better. The guys from Down to the Heaven wrote the truth about their music in a note on Facebook. The music of the band is heavy and at the same time melodious, and at the same time very modern. Undoubtedly, the exemplary production “[level – 1] deserves praise. The album sounds very massive and transparent at the same time. Instruments do not jam each other, heavy guitars are supported by powerful sounding drums and non-repulsive but clearly marked electronics.

You can write a lot about each piece of this amazingly mature album.

In the second one on the album “Catharsis” we get a show of Marcin Pawlik’s vocal abilities. He can unbelievably scream, just to sing in a clear voice in a moment, which again falls into a brutal growl. The freedom with which the vocalist operates with his voice is admirable. I will stay longer at “Unbroken”. The fourth track on the album surprises with huge diversity. What’s not here?! Initially incredibly brutal and at the same time catchy, it suddenly breaks and slows down. Here you can see that the band does not close their music in one place. The “roller” is a background for the choir, which is associated with the throat singing of the Khoomei Tibetan monks. Probably aptly, because the band weaves in “Unbroken” other oriental themes like … oh, listen to it yourself! Everything is in the right proportions, there is no doubt that it is still a metalcore album. Revelation!

We get a moment of break before further bombardment in the instrumental “No Vision”. A beautiful piano melody against the background of the broken rhythm of the drums, gives way to the lyrical solo. This is the most nostalgic song on the album.

“[Level – 1]” ends with the extremely motorized “We Are” with a very catchy riff. Besides, catchiness is the main advantage of the record. Listening to this record, you can not sit still in the chair, the leg starts to jump itself and you want to go to the concert right away.

Any disadvantages on “[level – 1]”?

Basically, only one: the album ends too soon. These 35 minutes elude in the blink of an eye and leave the listener with a feeling of immense hunger. Gentlemen, you have a huge minus for me!

Nothing more to say, the band wrote a sincere truth about themselves. Music on “[level – 1]” is modern, the arrangements are complex, and the whole – extremely mature and diversified. And, as I pointed out earlier, it’s damn catchy. I wish such material on the debut to every band.

Down to the Heaven: Level-1, 2018
Down to the Heaven: Level-1, 2018


01. Down To The…
02. Catharsis
03. Lost In Memories
04. Unbroken
05. No Vision
06. Kingdom Of Delusion
07. Tyrant’s Fall
08. We Are

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