Half of Machine Head to leave the band after the upcoming tour

It’s a surprising news to hear from Machine Head. Band leader Robb Flynn in the video posted on Facebook informed about the passing of two long-term members. Immediately after the upcoming two-month tour in the USA, guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain will leave the band.

At the same time the status of bassist Jared MacEacher is uncertain. Initially, as most of the band he was ready to leave, however, while Robb was recording that short movie, Jared began to think about the decision once again.

The reasons for this turnover in Machine Head are unknown.

It is known that the musicians split peacefully or at least, as Robb points out – “like people.” As he said in his facebook speech:
Wednesday night, Phil Demmel leaves Machine Head. Yesterday afternoon, Dave McClain leaves Machine Head. And Jared is leaving a bit, but he is not sure about it yet. (…) I held the band’s reins too much and pressed those people. (…) I have a lot of energy, but also a lot of anger and rage, which has put off people and the band to me. Please, respect the decisions of Phil and Dave, just like me.

Flynn admits that he does not know how the band will go on. He assures, however, that the upcoming tour will celebrate “the best Machine Head era with perhaps the best line-up the band has ever had.”

Source: LouderSound / Fot. Promotional materials

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