More revelations related to Live Nation and Ticketmaster – no GC at Metallica gig in Poland

The controversy surrounding the company organizing various types of Live Nation events and its only ticket distributor Ticketmaster is growing. This year, it has already been spoken about changing the rules of buying tickets to the disadvantage of buyers and about the impure sale of tickets at inflated rates. Now it’s time for Metallica’s concert and the Golden Circle issue.

Let’s recall that the scandal began with the tightening of ticket sales procedures for events organized by Live Nation.

To stop the fake sellers and theoretically help buyers, the company introduced personal tickets. Unfortunately, the change of data on the ticket is associated with an additional fee of several dozen PLN.

A moment later, Canadian reporters from CBC News and Toronto Star revealed the infamous result of the journalistic investigation. It turned out that the company using special software buying tickets through bots allowed for their further sale at an inflated price with a commission for Ticketmaster. Interestingly – in Autumn last year Live Nation and Ticketmaster met in court with two other companies, accused of the same practices: management of the secondary ticket market.

If that were not enough – there were problems connected with the Golden Circle, or rather its lack at the next year’s Metallica concert at the National Stadium.

Last year, on the occasion of the Guns N’Roses gig organized by Live Nation, the bad organization of the Golden Circle sector was reprimanded, which cost much more than the space on the rest of the area, although it took more than half of it. Fans accused the company of artificially enlarging the area under the stage (before the concert, the diagram on the Ticketmaster website showed GC quite differently), and therefore will stretch fans who hope to see their stars up close.

Ticketmaster has already published the plan for the places of next year’s Metallica concert.

As you can see – the Golden Circle sector is not foreseen. The entire area is available at the same price of 379 PLN. Until now, it is not known why no special zone was planned. Concert and music lovers have long been joking that soon on shows organized by Live Nation all the area will be GC and it kind of just happened.

Metallica w Polsce w 2019 roku - mapka
Metallica in Poland 2019 – map

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