“Nothingness of Being” – the new Hate Eternal song

“Nothingness of Being” – so sounds the title of the new single released by the band Hate Eternal, promoting their new album “Upon Desolate Sands”. A new death metal work from Florida will be released on October the 26th by the record label Season of Mist. The impressive cover was created by a well-known artist, Eliran Kantor, who is also known for his cooperation with Testament, Atheist and Archspire.

As Erik Rutan, the lead singer and guitarist of Hate Eternal commented:

For years I wanted to introduce Hate Eternal to a heavier, darker element, but for some reason I could not have got it. Behind the inspiration accompanying the recording of this album went its severity. The use of a lower than usual tuning for several songs on ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ and certain life experiences gave together depth of darkness and a sense of desperation, which in turn inspired me to write ‘Nothingness Of Being’.

I have never forced myself to anything when it comes to the creating process; we let the sounds just flow, creating and playing what we feel inside. Composing a few songs in a completely different tuning has helped a lot to cast a different path and direction in which this process has gone. This song, in addition to other, chaotic in a bit more traditional way for us on this album, gives it dynamics in a dramatic release.

Each of the songs on ‘Upon Desolate Sands’ has its own unique structure, which creates a vast landscape of sound expression and a whole range of emotions, thanks to which we cross our limits as much as possible!

Hate Eternal - Upon Desolate Sands, 2018
Hate Eternal – Upon Desolate Sands, 2018


01. The Violent Fury (3:55)
02. What Lies Beyond (3:09)
03. Vengeance Striketh (4:39)
04. Nothingness Of Being (5:02)
05. All Hope Destroyed (5:45)
06. Portal Of Myriad (4:13)
07. Dark Age Of Ruin (3:58)
08. Upon Desolate Sands (5:02)
09. For Whom We Have Lost (3:18)

Source: Blabbermouth

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