Steffen Kummerer: “Most of fans do not seem to bother themselves with the lyrics”

Alex Haber from Heavy New York recently interviewed Steffen Kummerer, frontman of Obscura. The conversation took place on September 26th before the band’s concert at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn and it concerned, among others, the last release of the group – “Diluvium”.

The musician summarized the work on “Diluvium” as follows:

“Diluvium” took us three months in the studio where we always work. More specifically in the German Woodshed Studios in Landshut. The whole of the work went exceptionally smooth this time. With only one change. We decided to record percussion parts outside, outside any studio. This forced us additional costs associated with the optimization of acoustics. Ultimately, the sound of the drums turned out to be more natural than you would have suspected a band playing technical death metal. We do not focus exaggeratedly on post-production. You can hear just four musicians on the CD. And that is something that I love in recordings from the 70’s or 80’s. And what we wanted to achieve on “Diluvium”.

Sticking to a concept set a few years ago or creating a separate experience on each CD?

Actually both attitudes are true. Since we set a specific path for ourselves, we had to stick to it. We had to write something that would be suitable for it. However, there was enough freedom in that to change something from album to album. For example, “Akróasis” was based on a more progressive direction. I mean all arrangements, attempts to build a sound wall. Guitars, reverbs, a whole bunch of overlapping layers. Meanwhile, “Diluvium” was supposed to be the final apocalypse. With this idea, we started creating the album. We wanted to create a more direct hit. In this aspect, “Diluvium” had a more classic construction. Two guitars, one on the right, the other on the left. Still winning something complex, but more specific.

The leader also answered the question about the freedom with which fans should interpret Obscura’s texts:

Honestly, most fans do not seem to bother with lyrics. “Okay, here’s the blue album with the planets on the cover.” They interpret the part, referring to the music, with which I have no problem. But to read the whole you have to delve into the lyrical layer. Think about it, refer to details in the graphic setting and the music itself. Analyze the entire package.

In addition, there was a question about Thulcandra, a side project of the vocalist.

Thulcandra is more open; less restrictive. We just do what we want. We also have no concrete plans for publishing albums. While Obscura seems to be a great machine, Thulcandra is a field left free, and we work on it the way we want in our free time. Two different worlds.

“Diluvium” is the fifth studio album in Obscura’s output. Its premiere took place on July 13th this year. The band set off on the first American branch of the tour promoting the new release on September 13th. In February, the European part of the concerts will take place. Unfortunately, Polish fans will have to wait for the another opportunity to meet the band.

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